Belarus sports medical university

the Master’s Degree Program

Foreign citizens and people without citizenship having the status of a refugee in the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and people without citizenship of Belarusian origin residing in foreign countries, citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrghyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan are entitled to participating in the competition for obtaining 2nd level higher education on a state-funded basis provided they receive this type of education using the state budget of the Republic of Belarus for the first time.

Admission to the 2nd level higher education course at the expense of the Republican budget is carried out according to the planned admission figures which are annually approved before March 1 by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus based on the request from the University.

Postgraduate (PhD) Studies

Submission of documents: from August 1 to September 30.
Entrance examinations: from October 1 to 30.

Postgraduate PhD course is the first stage of post-graduate education, the purpose of which is to prepare a thesis for the PhD degree. After graduating the student is awarded a scientific qualification «Researcher». The term of study depends on the form of training: full-time – 3 years, by correspondence – 4-5 years.

Doctoral course is the second stage of post-graduate education, the purpose of which is to prepare a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science. The term of study is 3 years for full-time and 5 years for correspondence course.

Post-graduate education includes over 40 specialties of medical and biological profile. More than 20 PhD degrees and 3-5 degrees of Doctor of Science are awarded annually.

Clinical Residency

Clinical residency is a form of professional training of doctors based on the principle of individual education with the aim of deepening professional knowledge and improving practical skills as well as mastering advanced medical technologies.

Guidance for the training of clinical residents is carried out by experienced staff of the BSMU departments. All supervisors have PhD degrees such as doctor of medical sciences or candidate of medical sciences.

At present, the training in clinical residency is carried out in 38 specialties at clinical departments located on the basis of large healthcare organizations in Minsk.

Admission of foreign citizens to the full-time clinical residency is carried out on a fee basis throughout calendar year. The duration of training in clinical residency in all specialties is from 2 years to 5 years.