Regulations for Admission of Foreign Citizens to Clinical Residency

Clinical residency is a form of professional training of doctors based on the principle of individual education with the aim of deepening professional knowledge and improving practical skills as well as mastering advanced medical technologies.

Guidance for the training of clinical residents is carried out by experienced staff of the BSMU departments. All supervisors have PhD degrees such as doctor of medical sciences or candidate of medical sciences.

At present, the training in clinical residency is carried out in 38 specialties at clinical departments located on the basis of large healthcare organizations in Minsk.

Admission of foreign citizens to the full-time clinical residency is carried out on a fee basis throughout calendar year. The duration of training in clinical residency in all specialties is from 2 years to 5 years.

On completing the course of training clinical residents pass the final examination in the specialty. After graduation residents receive the Certificate on specialized training in medicine at clinical residency (both in Russian and English) that certifies the fact of accomplishing training in the chosen specialty.

If necessary foreign citizens are provided with comfortable rooms in the university dormitories.

To be admitted to the clinical residency the foreign citizen submits for expertise the following documents:

  • copy of the diploma (degree) of higher medical education and a supplement to the diploma (both documents must be translated into the Russian language and legally notarized);
  • certificate confirming that the diploma (degree) passed expert review aimed at determining the correspondence of the received education to the standards of higher medical education in the Republic of Belarus (certificate is issued by the Republican Institute of Higher Education, Belarus);
  • passport with legally notarized translation into the Russian language.

To get an invitation for training in clinical residency the foreign citizen or a person representing his/her interests submits the following documents:

  • written application with a request for an invitation;
  • copy of the document (certificate) of education specifying the term of education, list of subjects studied, marks (scores) of current and final knowledge assessment (examinations);
  • copy of the applicant’s passport with legally notarized translation into the Russian language;
  • copy of passport of a person representing applicant’s interests with legally notarized translation into the Russian language.