Dr.Alena Tserashchuk


is a highly skillful psychiatrist and psychotherapist, PhD, associated professor, Jungian analyst, individual member of International Association for analytical Psychology (IAAP), member of the Russian Society for Analytical Psychology (RSAP); associated professor of the department for psychotherapy and clinical psychology of Public Educational Institution “Belarus Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education” (BelMAPE);associate professor of the International Society for Guided Affective Imagery and Mental Techniques in Psychotherapy and Psychology (ISGAI); the first ex-president of Development Group IAAP of Republic of Belarus (Minsk); vice-president of the Belarusian Association of Psychotherapists

Prof. Averin Vasily

Children Surgery

is an outstanding (highest professional level) children surgeon. He has an outstanding reputation acquired during his tenure at the most prestigious medical centers in Belarus. He developed an effective method of surgical treatment of children with bladder exstrophy and organ-preserving surgery for spleen injuries in children. Works at the State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus.

Prof. Prokhorova Violetta

Oncology and diagnostics

is one of the most recognized oncologists focusing on the most advanced diagnostic methods in oncology, She gained wide international recognition for her work on tumor markers, factors of conformational modification of transport molecules and cellular structures, growth factors, angiogenesis and intercellular interaction, cytokines, etc. Under her supervision, the Diagnostics Department has become one of the Leading European centers on tumours diagnostics. She works at the Oncology and Medical Radiology Center named after Alexandrov.

Prof. Zhavrid Edward


is one of the most distinguished oncologists and represents European excellency specialising in the use of advanced methods of chemotherapy in treating various tumours. He authored and co-authored of over 600 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals. Works at the Oncology and Medical Radiology Center named after Alexandrov

Dr. Stebunov Sergey

Plastic Surgeon

is an outstanding surgeon working at the high European level with a long track records of successful plastic surgeries. Works at Lode, Medical Center in Minsk