Association of BSMU International Graduates

Currently, the educational process at the university is organized in 8 faculties: the Faculty of General Medicine. School of Sports Medicine; dental College; Children’s school; School of Preventive Medicine; School of Pharmacy; School of Medicine for International Students; School of Career Guidance and Pre-University Education; Faculty of Graduate Studies and Retraining of Personnel and Institute of Military Medicine. More than 7,000 students, PhD students, clinical assistants, including senior
2000 foreign nationals from about 50 countries study in Russian and English at this university.

The training in this university is practical and is held in 72 departments, of which 43 are clinical departments and also in a practical training laboratory equipped with modern simulation devices. More than 1170 qualified teachers are involved in the educational process, and modern information technologies and elements of distance education are actively used: e-learning and methodological complexes in the model system in Russian and English. Electronic recording function; Electronic office; Electronic student card; A repository containing over 30,000 full-text documents in all disciplines studied. Interactive whiteboards, interactive anatomical table; Interactive voting systems in classrooms; Intranet sites for university staff and students, student personal account. There is access to medical internet sites. A video archive of unique and advanced operations has been created to study new surgical interventions and diagnostic techniques.